What does a Configuration Manager do?


Configuration managers are in charge of coordinating and directing configurations of all kinds of products. A configuration is the sum of interrelated features of a product, both physical and functional. What does a configuration manager do?

What is configuration management?

Configuration management is a process that deals with the consistency of a product’s functionality and performance as well as its physical features and design. 

In configuration management, individual parts of a product are put together in the respective version as packages or configurations and then managed.  This allows you to define, for example, which product configuration is passed on to which customers.

Role overview of a Configuration Manager with tasks, skills, background and salary
Role Overview – Configuration Manager

Configuration management ensures that both minor and major changes are documented. Misconfigurations can result in poor performance, inconsistency, or non-compliance, which in turn affects business operations and security.

When these undocumented changes are made across many systems and applications, it inevitably leads to instability and downtime.

What are the tasks of a Configuration Manager?

The primary task of a configuration manager is the preparation of complete configuration documentation and overseeing the management of configuration items.

Configuration managers not only coordinate the harmonisation of the individual components of a product, but are also responsible for its overall configuration description. This means that they plan and execute configuration management throughout the lifecycle of a project.

Responsibilities of a Configuration Manager
Responsibilities of a Configuration Manager

In this way, they enable the various teams and departments involved to understand at any time how the product is composed and thus increase interdisciplinary understanding and transparency among the individual departments.

In addition, complete configuration documentation makes it easier for the individual work groups to obtain the desired information.

The sub-areas of configuration management include the organisation and planning already described, as well as configuration identification. Here, managers determine which units make up a product and how they are structured.

For this purpose, for example, reference configurations are set up or other systematics are applied. It is also important to check that the final configurations fulfil their purpose.

Configuration managers review and update existing configuration management plans. They work with the configuration teams in the development of configuration management tools and help assist in the maintenance of these tools. They also analyze any issues related to configuration and propose solutions to fix them.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of a configuration manager?

  • Preparation of complete configuration documentation
  • Overseeing the management of configuration items
  • Coordinate the harmonisation of the individual components of a product
  • Plan and execute configuration management throughout the lifecycle of a project
  • Increase interdisciplinary understanding and transparency among individual departments
  • Organisation and planning
  • Configuration identification
  • Verification of the final configuration
  • Review and update existing configuration management pans
  • Work with configuration teams to develop configuration management tools
  • Help assist in maintenance of tools
  • Analyze issues related to configuration
  • Propose solutions to any issues

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Skills of a Configuration Manager

Configuration Managers should be proficient in computers, have experience with project management and have sound knowledge of creating and managing complex databases.

They must also have knowledge of version managers like Bazaar, codeBeamer, Polarion or Team Foundation Server as well as knowledge of configuration management tools such as Rational Synergy

Skills of a Configuration Manager
Skills of a Configuration Manager

Configuration managers must also possess the ability to think analytically and work effectively with team members, other employees and customers. A structured way of working as well as strong problem-solving skills are both important as well.

Errors in the configuration or its documentation can lead to lengthy and costly readjustments and so managers should also have a  high degree of accuracy and demonstrate a high attention to detail.

What skills must a configuration manager possess?

  • Proficiency in computers
  • Experience with project management 
  • A sound knowledge of creating and managing complex databases
  • Knowledge of version managers such as Bazaar, codeBeamer, Polarion and Team Foundation Server
  • Knowledge of configuration management tools such as Rational Synergy
  • Analytical thinking
  • Work effectively with team members, employees and customers
  • Structured way of working
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • High attention to detail


Configuration managers typically have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, programming or any other related field. They are also required to have knowledge of document management systems as well as extensive knowledge in respective specialist areas. 


The salary of a configuration manager largely depends on the industry they’re in and their experience and position.

For entry-level employees, the salary is around $57,000 a year whereas managers at a senior level can earn up to $126,000 a year. The average salary for a configuration manager is around $87,000 a year.

How much does a Configuration Manager make?

Junior $57,000
Average $87,000
Senior $126,000

What does a freelance Configuration Manager earn?

Average hourly rate of freelance configuration managers
The average hourly rate of a freelance Configuration Manager

The average freelancer hourly rate of a Configuration Manager is $96. Considering an 8-hour working day, the daily rate would be around $768 (freelancermap price index – January 2021).

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