What Does An R Programmer Do?


An R programmer uses the programming language R to write code and create graphical representations of data for a company. Their responsibilities also include visualising data and troubleshooting. These programmers are found in a variety of different fields and industries. What does an R programmer do?

What is R?

Data science and data analysis have become increasingly important for companies over the past few years. R is a programming language that has gained enormous importance in the course of a few years and is increasingly regarded as the standard language for tasks in the areas of analysis, statistics, and AI.

Role Overview – R Programmer

For companies, the free and powerful tool allows the automation of recurring reports, statistical evaluations, the connection of different data sources, the creation of high-quality visualisations, and more. 

This open source software makes it possible for developers and programmers from all over the world to develop and make packages for R available.


An R programmer is in charge of using R to build robust statistical models and scripts that are capable of handling things like data access, manipulation, modelling, and prediction.

These programmers are in charge of creating high-quality documentation and presentations and at times integrating R with data source and delivery systems.

Responsibilities of an R Programmer
Responsibilities of an R Programmer

R programmers ensure coding standards in order to maintain efficient and effective R programming and are also responsible for solution development and back testing.

What are the responsibilities of an R programmer?

  • Create and develop statistical models using R
  • Create scripts using R
  • Integrate R with data source and delivery systems
  • Create high-quality documentation and presentations
  • Ensure and implement coding standards 
  • Maintain efficient and effective R programming
  • Develop solutions
  • Back testing

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R programmers have extensive experience and knowledge of the R programming language. They are also familiar with RStudio – an integrated development environment for the R language.

These programmers have experience working with AWS Cloud and are familiar with databases and SQL. Some companies also require programmers to have experience in Bitbucket or Jenkins.

Skills of an R Programmer
Skills of an R Programmer

R programmers have experience in statistical analysis and modelling and are familiar with ETL scripting. 

Professionals in this field are analytical, have a sharp attention to detail and are able to communicate their findings effectively.

What are the skills of an R programmer?

  • Extensive experience and knowledge of the R programming language
  • Familiarity with RStudio 
  • Experience working with AWS Cloud
  • Familiarity with databases 
  • Experience with SQL
  • Experience working with Bitbucket or Jenkins
  • Knowledge of statistical analysis and modelling
  • Knowledge of agile workspace
  • Familiarity with ETL scripting
  • Strong analytical thinking
  • Sharp attention to detail
  • Ability to communicate well


R programmers usually have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Programming, or a related field. R programmers who work in specific fields may need to take additional courses to supplement their education.

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R programmers earn an average of $96,100 per year. Programmers who are just starting out can expect a salary of $36,000 whereas those with years of experience and skills can expect a salary of $140,500 per year.

In Germany, the salary range for R programmers is €53,000 – €70,000 whereas those in the UK earn between £32,000 – £78,000.

How much do R programmers earn?

US $36,000 – $140,500
Germany €53,000 – €70,000
UK £32,000 – £78,000

Freelance R programmers charge an average of $74/hour (freelancermap’s price and rate index in November 2022).

How much do freelance R programmers make?

Average Hourly Rate of R Programmers$74/hour

Considering an 8-hour working day, the daily rate for programmers would be around $592/day.

Freelance rates in this field range between $42 and $105 for most freelancers.

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