What does a SolidWorks Designer do?


SolidWorks Designers use the software to create visual models of their product or content for clients. Today we take a closer look at the role and what it takes to become a SolidWorks expert.

What is SolidWorks?

SolidWorks Designer - The role

SolidWorks is a 3D modeling software application that is widely used by designers, drafters, architects, construction planners, product engineers, mechanical engineers, and artists.

SolidWorks offers:

  • 3D modeling
  • Auto-generated 2D drawings
  • Design rendering
  • An easy and friendly user interface

SolidWorks Designers use the software to create visual models of their product or content. This helps clients by offering a visual of the final deliverable in 3D.

SolidWorks is most commonly used for 3DCAD, Simulation, Visualization, Product data management, and rendering purposes.

Responsibilities of a Solidworks Designer

Solidworks Designer responsibilities

Looking for a Solidworks Designer?

SolidWorks designers are responsible for the creation of technical blueprints, drawings, and models for a variety of products and structures. These models are essential during production or construction. SolidWorks designers, therefore, work to include product details, guidelines, information regarding materials, specific measurements, and procedures.

They generally work with engineers, product designers, and/or architects to gather specifications and resolve design issues.

Responsibilities of a Solidworks Designer:

  • Creating models, blueprints or visual renders of current mechanical designs.
  • Conducting design reviews for existing assemblies with other relevant departments.
  • Develops DriveWorks configuration projects to automate the creation of assemblies and prints for our manufacturing plant.
  • Providing and maintaining documentation regarding the fabrication
  • Continuous Design Improvement
  • New Product Design/Development
  • Technical Documentation Content
  • Maintain/Update existing CAD Library

Skills required to become a SolidWorks Designer

SolidWorks Designer Skills

It goes without saying that in order to be a proficient SolidWorks Designer, you’ll need to excel at using the SolidWorks software. Other technical skills include knowledge of 3D models, assemblies, design tables, and technical drawings.

In terms of soft skills, designers need to be curious and creative with sharp analytical skills. A good SolidWorks Designer is focused and thorough in their work and has a strong sense of team and collaboration.

What skills do Solidworks Designers need?

  • Ability to create parts, assemblies, design tables and drawings in SolidWorks
  • Proficient in AutoCAD creating 2D drawings.
  • Knowledge of sheet metal design
  • Detail-oriented, organized with the ability to handle multiple ongoing projects.
  • Ability to communicate with sales, engineers, and outside customers.
  • Familiar with engineering process, revisions, ECR, change orders, etc.
  • Proficient with MS Office and Adobe.

Background and Education

In order to become a freelance SolidWorks designer, you’ll need to establish strong proficiency with the software. While you do not generally need a formal education background for this position, many companies prefer candidates with a degree in a related field such as CAD, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, etc.

Another important aspect of your resume as a Solidworks Designer is certification. While not mandatory, being certified can help highlight your skills and expertise. When it comes to certification you have the choice between 2 types:

SolidWorks Designer Salary

As a SolidWorks Designer, your remuneration depends on the years of experience and your specific skill set.

On average, SolidWorks Designers start their careers with an annual salary of just over $22,000. This number increases to about $70,000 with a few years of experience and advanced skills. Senior designers with advanced skills and knowledge can earn up to $164,000 a year. 

How much do Solidworks Designers earn?

Junior $22,000
Average $70,000
Senior $164,000

Freelancing as a Solidworks Designer

Freelancing is a great option for several SolidWorks Designers. In order to succeed as a freelancer SolidWorks expert, you’ll need to have a solid portfolio and vast experience under your belt.

To start with, you can choose to work in a staff position in order to gain industry experience and develop your skills. This will also allow you to build up your portfolio. With a few years of experience in the industry, you can then work as a freelancer – marketing your services to potential clients! Looking for a new project as a SolidWorks Designer?

How much do Freelance SolidWorks Designers charge?

The average freelancer hourly rate for a Solidworks designer is $67. Projected to an 8-hour day, the daily rate is around $536 (freelancermap price index – as of January 2020).

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