What does a TIBCO Developer do?


A TIBCO developer is an integration specialist that can implement application strategies using enterprise integration patterns and cloud-based approaches with containers and microservices. Let’s take a closer look at the role of a TIBCO Developer! 

What is TIBCO?

TIBCO – short for The Information Bus Company – is a company that creates software and hardware products around business solutions based on Service Oriented Architecture or SOA

TIBCO started off in 1997, providing communication APIs for clients. It was built off the basis of using a single channel to convey information between all the applications of a company

Today, this information channel is referred to as the Enterprise Messaging Service or EMS

Apart from the EMS, TIBCO offers a wide range of products for the development, implementation, monitoring, and orchestration of applications. Some of these include: 

  • Runtime Agent (TRA) – this is a virtual system that allows other products within the TIBCO suite to be used. 
  • Designer – This is used to develop functions, documents, XML schemas, services etc. to be used.
  • Administrator – An interface that allows developers to control and implement functions created in the TIBCO Designer.
  • Hawk – a tool used by developers to monitor functions implemented in the Tibco Administrator.
  • EBX Software – A solution to manage and consume share data
  • Cloud Integration and TIBCO BusinessWorks – Assist integration with an API-led approach.

In this modern era, we continue to implement interconnected technologies in our day to day lives. The pace at which what is often referred to as the “internet of things” or IoT is growing is more rapidly than ever. 

In order to keep up with this new pace of connectivity, large organizations need a system in place. This is where communication systems providers like TIBCO come in. Many large organizations and companies rely on TIBCO to connect various IT systems for maximum efficiency

The Role of a TIBCO Developer - Responsibilities, Skills, Background, Salary
TIBCO Developer – Job Overview

As we saw before, TIBCO offers a range of software packages and products. So when we talk about a TIBCO Developer, it is important to understand that no developer will be able to work on all the TIBCO products. This is because each system requires its own set of rules and programming languages. 

Some of the most-demanded TIBCO developers are those who have hands-on experience with TIBCO BusinessWorks and TIBCO EMS.

The Role of a TIBCO developer – Responsibilities and Tasks

The role of a TIBCO Developer is dependent upon several factors such as the organization they work for and the level of data they handle. 

A typical company works with data from the following:

  • Target customer
  • Suppliers
  • Internal departments
  • Company-wide databases
  • Employee applications and Devices
Responsibilities and daily tasks of a TIBCO Developer
Responsibilities and Tasks

Using some of the TIBCO solutions, a TIBCO developer must work to connect existing systems, allowing for the easy movement of data across these systems. They do so by planning and designing data integration processes. 

Additionally, TIBCO developers help develop TIBCO-based integration and analytics code, carry out tests on TIBCO solutions, and manage troubleshooting. 

They must also work with other members of the technical team to define system requirements for large development projects. 

TIBCO Developer job duties:

  • Define systems requirements needed in complex development projects
  • Develop detailed technical documents relating to ongoing projects
  • Create and configure queues/bridges in TIBCO EMS
  • Deploy project using TIBCO TEA
  • Design reusable objects in SOA environment and test plans (UAT test review)
  • Perform microservices-based architecture implementation
  • Develop TIBCO BW applications and components
  • Design and maintain unit tests with TIBCO BW
  • Integrate business workflows according to the best practices
  • Lead TIBCO development team during projects as needed
  • Review the application for potential data integrity problems
  • Check coding done during application upgrade, extension, and/or other development

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TIBCO Developer Skills and Experience Required

To carry out their day to day responsibilities, TIBCO developers need to know specific tools and technology platforms which may differ from role to role. 

The following tools are commonly used by TIBCO developers and as such are necessary to be skilled at: 

  • TIBCO BusinessWorks and File Adapters
  • Java and C
  • EMS, MQ, XSD, and SSB based applications
  • RESTful web services and/or SOAP web services
  • Database tools such as SQL Server, MongoDB, Oracle
  • Messaging systems like ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka
  • TIBCO EMS, Rendezvous, and Spotfire

TIBCO Developers are often required to have experience in modelling business logic and automating processes using TIBCO BusinessWorks and EMS messaging

Skills Required for a TIBCO Developer
Skills Required

Besides, they need excellent communication and interpersonal skills as they will be communicating with stakeholders and other developers. TIBCO developers need to be flexible and adapt quickly to changes.

Additionally, the following skills are needed to become a TIBCO Developer:

  • Strong knowledge of Messaging & Business Integration Middleware products
  • Hands-on experience implementing Queue, Topic, Bridge, Route, Adapter etc
  • Knowledge of TIBCO security aspects such as SSL, Certs
  • Strong knowledge on WebServices- SOAP/REST
  • Good understanding of Core Java and strong SQL skills
  • Experience with core UNIX commands
  • Knowledge of management and communication tools for SOA / BPM components 
  • Good experience in deployment of TIBCO applications using automated scripts
  • Knowledge and experience with UML analysis modelling tools
  • Experience as a BPM process analyst and designer/implementer of TIBCO BusinessWorks modules
  • Experience with CICD tools such as Bitbucket, Jenkins (Pipelines)
  • Ideally, experience with agile methodologies and using JIRA

How do you become a TIBCO Developer?

In addition to mastering the tools and skills above, TIBCO developers usually need to have a higher education or a university degree. A Bachelor’s degree in a technical field such as computer science, computer engineering, or a related field is ideal. 

Furthermore, numerous certifications and training courses are offered by private institutions and companies. 

Some options to consider to improve your TIBCO skills: 

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TIBCO Developer Salary

The starting salary of a TIBCO developer in the US is around $71,000 gross per year. Later in working life, the average annual salary is around $82,500 per year. Top candidates earn up to $119,000 per year.

Salaries depend much on the exact experience a candidate brings to the company and the tasks that they will be required to do. Also, the company size and location play a key role in the real salary.

Analyzing the TIBCO Developer Salary in the UK, the average salary for TIBCO jobs is around £67,000, while in the UAE it is around AED 145,000.

How much does a TIBCO developer earn?


And freelance TIBCO developers?

The hourly rate for freelance TIBCO Developers is on average $82 per hour. For an 8-hour working day, the daily rate is $656 per day. (freelancermap Index, November 2020)

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