What does an SAP Basis Administrator do?


The SAP Basis is the very glue of the SAP Landscape. This creates demand for SAP Basis Administrators. Interested to learn more about what they do? Continue reading as we discuss the role, the responsibilities, skills, salary, and more!

Role Responsibilities Skills Background Salary

What is SAP Basis?

SAP® Basis is the very foundation of the SAP landscape - the thing that holds it all together. SAP is used by various entities of a business to perform tasks such as shipping and logistics, manufacturing control, tracking conversions, and more! As the name would suggest, the SAP Basis is used for maintenance of basic jobs that underline the entire SAP ecosystem. It is also used for base application tasks including troubleshooting and change management. 

SAP® Basis is the very foundation of the SAP landscape - the glue that holds it all together

However, the Basis is more involved than simple administration. A large conglomerate can have multiple SAP servers across the globe, with varying versions, systems, and modules of SAP being run. This is where an SAP Basis Administrator comes in. SAP Administrators are needed to troubleshoot issues that arise and ensure the entirety of the SAP systems runs in a smooth manner.

What does an SAP Basis Administrator do?

SAP Basis Administrator Role

SAP Basis administrators work to ensure all components and systems of the SAP are able able to effectively communicate with each other with minimal performance issues. They are charged with administering the SAP Basis by maintaining the system, installing updates, analyzing for errors, etc. Their job is to keep the SAP Basis system running as efficiently as possible.

What are the responsibilities of an SAP Basis Administrator?

SAP Basis Administrator Responsibilities

In addition to monitoring and troubleshooting the SAP Basis system, the admin has a wide range of duties:

  • Architecting the SAP Environment
  • Implementing Best SAP Basis Practices
  • User administration
  • Managing SAP Transports
  • Scheduling Background Jobs
  • SAP Tuning
  • Disaster Recovery/High Availability

What skills does an SAP Basis Administrator need?

SAP Basis Administrator Skills

Technical Skills

The role of an SAP Basis administrator is highly technical and requires a myriad of hard skills. These include:

  • Troubleshooting and problem solving
  • End-user focused approach during the implementation of process improvements
  • Ability to aid new SAP upgrades, installations, and maintenance
  • Experience with SAP tools such as SAP NetWeaver, JAVA system administration, SAP Solution Manager 7.2 or higher, and ABAP programming.
Soft Skills

SAP Basis Administrators generally spent a lot of their work time communication with higher management executives, managers and users, in order to understand requirements and then engineer the system to meet user needs. As such soft skills such as quick thinking, effective communication, and keen analysis skills go a long way. 


SAP Basis Administrator Background

SAP Basis Administrators generally require a bachelor’s degree in CS, IT, or Information Systems management. SAP also offers an SAP Certification path that can make SAP Administrators more marketable as a candidate to a recruiter. This certification covers SAP products in sub-fields, such as applications, enterprise management, operating systems, and modules.


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What is the Salary of an SAP Basis Administrator?

The median annual for SAP Basis Administrators Salary is $96,000 but the lowest 10 percent and entry-level positions offer less than $60,000. The highest 10 percent, on the other hand, and senior roles earn more than $130,000.

How much does an SAP Basis Administrator make?

Junior $60,000


Senior $130,000

The average freelance rate for an SAP Basis Administrator amounts to $134 which when extrapolated to an 8 hour day totals $1072 per day.  

SAP Basis Administrator Freelance Rate
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