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What Does A Vue JS Developer Do?

A Vue JS developer is responsible for creating and developing user-facing applications by using Vue - an open-source JavaScript framework. They are also in charge of diagnosing and fixing bugs in new and existing Vue applications. Read on to find out what the role and responsibilities of a Vue JS developer are.

What Does An AWS Developer Do?

An Amazon Web Services (AWS) developer is in charge of creating, maintaining and updating the cloud structure of web apps within the AWS cloud-based platform. These professionals use their knowledge of core AWS services to enhance the scalability and security of applications for a company. What does an AWS developer do?

What does a Cognos Developer do?

Cognos developers are in charge of designing, developing, implementing and deploying dashboard solutions and reports business intelligence and performance management software, Cognos. They create and perform tests on various business enterprises and prepare reports to track development. What does a Cognos developer do?

What does a Hardware Designer do?

A Hardware designer or a Hardware design engineer is in charge of developing, testing and building hardware systems like computer processors. While different hardware designers may work on different types of hardware, their primary roles are generally similar. These include identifying hardware needs, working with a development team, and...

What does a DevOps Engineer do?

DevOps refers to a software development concept that unites and brings together developers and IT staff. The DevOps approach involves consistent, small edits to software coding. This means frequent updates and testing of software that result in very quickly releases. Now, what’s the role of a DevOps Engineer?

What Does a SharePoint Consultant Do?

In our ‘Career Insights’ series, we take an in-depth look into the interesting fields in which a freelancer can work. Today, we’re looking at another highly-niched freelance role: a SharePoint Consultant. Find out what exactly a SharePoint Consultant does, what skills they need, and the potential income someone with these skills can earn.

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