How to Grow Your Business by Producing Quality Content?


Too often people don’t pay enough attention to their online content, especially their blog, and fail to see how effective it can be in customer acquisition and retention. Having a good product is important, but having a good product that no one knows about is a shame.
I will take you through the steps of setting content goals, organizing your content plan and tracking your results.

Think of your blog as your online voice, if you want to be heard you need to find a way of writing posts that represent your business and your product.
If you have ever thought about blogging and asked yourself the question “What’s the point in blogging?” Then you should read this post.

3 Steps To Content Gold

  1. Be knowledgeable about your blog topic. Don’t reuse content, or copy it from other sources.
  2. Give your audience valuable information. Give them CTA’s, make sure they know how to start using the information you shared with them.
  3. Engage your audience. You can be writing the most useful information, but if it’s not written well you will lose your reader before having shown him the value of your post.

Don’t read the above and think that every post has to be the most original piece of writing you have ever written, that’s neither possible nor necessary.

So, let’s see what is.

How to Set Content Goals Effectively

Before sitting down to write content goals, you need to consider what type of business you have and what industry you find yourself in. Your content goals, must absolutely align with your overall business goals, otherwise your content will not be able to contribute to the growth of your business.

Most common content goals are:

  • Increase overall website traffic
  • Establish your business/product as a credible brand
  • Inform your audience about your business (updates, changes etc.)
  • Increase profit, by encouraging users to buy/sign up.

For example; if you are a business in the travel industry, like FishingBooker, an online community that enables you to find, list and book fishing trips worldwide, you might consider a few things as your main goals. They have a twofold primary goal; get more captains listing boats on their website and get more people booking fishing trips over FishingBooker.

Who is Reading Your Blog?

With those in mind, you must take into account your audience. What is your average user’s personality? Hubspot goes into detail about how to create a buyer’s persona. This can help you to better understand who you are writing for, which helps you attract the right type of user to your website.

Think about if your audience is an online or offline audience, what I mean by that, is your audience by nature an audience which can easily be found online. For example, an online audience might be WordPress professionals, who are actively searching for online content, they are a community with whom you have the opportunity to share lots of different types of information. An offline audience is an audience whose job usually doesn’t require them to be online at all times. This is the case with FishingBooker, as their primary audience are captains and anglers. This audience requires hand-picked content for each.

How to Write a Winning Content Plan

A content plan can be anything you want, it doesn’t need to be complex, it can be an excel document or a docs table. Having set your content goals, and considered your audience you should already have lots of topic ideas. You have done all of the hard work. Now, it is important to define them, and make them into catchy readable posts.

Sticking with FishingBooker as our example, they might choose to focus on content for captains in the form of tips on getting more charter bookings, how to market their charter, and how to keep their customers happy. On the other hand, anglers are interested in reading about popular fishing destinations, fishing reports, fishing equipment, and tips related to improving their angling skills. This is just to name a few topics.

Here is a Content Plan example:

Track Your Way to Better Content

The worse thing that you can do is preset a content plan and be afraid of changing it. At the beginning you can have a good idea of what your audience will like, but with time you will get to know exactly what they want to read. You find this out by tracking your results carefully.

There are a few ways to track your post success, here are two I find most effective.

  • Google Analytics
  • Blog Post Comments

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great way to track how many people are reading your posts, if after reading them they are taking any further actions, or continuing to explore other parts of your website. Stats never lie, so pay close attention to what your audience is reading, and let that guide you for future content.

Blog Comments

Stats can show you what is being read, and where your audience is looking, but comments will give you a deeper understanding of people’s reactions to your post. Usually they tell you what they like or don’t like, what they would like to see more of, and often you will get great new ideas for content from blog comments. If your content is causing a reaction from your audience (positive or negative) you can learn a lot from it, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

You can always do better. Take feedback, and react on it.

Improve Your Content in One Easy Step

The most effective way to improve your content overall, is to see what you are missing. There are always gaps in content, a topic that needs to be covered in more detail, or something that is not clear to your users. Find these gaps and fill them with new quality content. The more you keep writing, more people will keep coming back to your blog, and new topics will come to light. Cover them well.


Now you hopefully have a better idea how to get started with creating content for your blog and growing your business with quality content. Please remember not all content is suited for your business blog, and your blog is just a small part of your content marketing strategy. Don’t force unnecessary content on your blog, and don’t be afraid to change your strategy around.

Good luck and happy writing!

Pic: © Nevena Tomovic

Nevena Tomovic

Nevena Tomovic works in content marketing, but she is also a big language enthusiast, speaking English, Italian, German, and Serbian fluently. Apart from being a quintessential bookworm, Nevena is a covert adrenaline junkie, who enjoys heli-skiing, ice hockey, and aerial gymnastics.

By Nevena Tomovic

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