What Does A Blazor Developer Do?


A Blazor developer is a professional that works with Blazor – a web framework from Microsoft designed to compete with industry-leading platforms like React. They work with organisations and users to envision software solutions and create web applications using C# and HTML. What does a Blazor developer do?

Job Profile

Blazor developers use Blazor to write rich web UI experiences and applications using C# instead of JavaScript – which is one of Blazor’s biggest selling points.

Blazor web development works similar to React – a JavaScript library used for building interfaces. The difference, however, is that Blazor allows you to build web applications using C#  as well as build the front-end and back-end with one stack. – a fact that is attractive to many developers. 

Blazor also allows you to develop mobile applications as well. Developers can use Experimental Mobile Blazor Bindings for Blazor mobile development for both iOS and Android. 

Role Overview – Blazor Developer

Does Blazor have a future? 

Considering the fact that Blazor is relatively new, it can be difficult to say just what the future holds for this open-source web development framework. However, it should be noted that Blazor come a long way in a very short period of time and could potentially grow even more in the coming years.

Blazor developer Responsibilities 

Blazor developers are responsible for designing and building front-end applications using the web framework Blazor. They also modify existing applications and develop new features across a variety of systems when needed.

Responsibilities Of A Blazor Developer
Responsibilities Of A Blazor Developer

They collaborate with engineers, product owners and users to identify any technical problems and provide solutions for them. 

Blazor developers support timely delivery of technical solutions, participate in team initiatives, test and evaluate new programs, and determine operational practicality.

What are the responsibilities of Blazor developers?

  • Design and build front-end applications using Blazor
  • Modify existing applications
  • Develop new features across a variety of systems
  • Collaborate with engineers, product owners and users to identify any technical problems and provide solutions
  • Support timely delivery of technical solutions
  • Participate in team initiatives
  • Test and evaluate new programs
  • Determine operational practicality

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Skills required for Blazor development

Blazor developers are extensively skilled in all aspects of Blazor. They also have extensive programming knowledge, particularly in C# and HTML

These developers have strong SQL skills and also have knowledge of .NET – another open- sourced computer framework. They have experience maintaining a web application in Windows server or Azure and are able to build data auditing processes.

Skills Of A Blazor Developer
Skills Of A Blazor Developer

Blazor developers are also experienced in Azure DevOps and have knowledge of Scrum/Agile based processes.

In terms of soft skills, these developers have excellent communication, collaboration, and teamwork skills, and are extremely driven and organised.

What are the skills of a Blazor developer?

  • Skilled in all aspects of Blazor
  • Extensive programming language knowledge, especially in C# and HTML
  • Strong SQL skills
  • Knowledge of .NET
  • Experience maintaining a web application in Windows server or Azure 
  • Ability to build data auditing processes
  • Experienced in Azure DevOps
  • Knowledge of Scrum/Agile based processes
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good collaboration skills
  • Ability to work well in a team
  • Extremely driven
  • Well organised

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Most Blazor developers usually have a Bachelor’s degree of some sort. This can be in Computer Science, IT, Web Development, or a related field. You can also choose to do a Master’s in Computer Science or a related field to secure better paying positions.

On the other hand, you can also boost your chances of being hired for a good position by obtaining certifications and improving your skills through online courses. Check out some options to learn Blazor development down below:

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Blazor developer salary & freelance rates

The salary of Blazor developers is in the upper range but can vary hugely depending on the industry and the company. 

The starting salary in the US is generally around $49,000 annually. On average, annual salaries are around the $73,000 mark, while high earners with relevant work experience can earn an annual gross salary of $104,000.

In Germany, the Blazor developer’s salary ranges between €30,000 and €64,000 while in the UK, it ranges between £40,000 and £63,875.

How much does Blazor development pay? 

US $49,000 – $104,000
Germany €30,000 – €64,000
UK £40,000 – £63,875

How much do freelance Blazor developers earn?

The average hourly rate of a freelance Blazor developer is $29 per hour (freelancermap rate index as of June 2022). Extrapolated to an 8-hour day, the daily rate is around $232.

Average Hourly Rate Of Freelance Blazor Developers
Average Hourly Rate Of Freelance Blazor Developers
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