What does an MIS Analyst do?


MIS Analysts help design, develop, and improve new or existing MIS systems to help analyze, collect and process data/information in order to generate reports about the current status and perspectives of a company and its respective business environment. How is the day-to-day work of an MIS analyst?

MIS – Management information systems

The management of any large company and/or organization faces a unique set of challenges and tasks. These include planning, management, and control of operational processes as well as the management of employees.

In order to perform these tasks well and make necessary decisions, appropriate information is needed on the processes and workflow of the company. 

MIS Analyst - Role Overview
Role overview of an MIS Analyst

Management information systems – aka MIS – serve exactly this purpose. These are computer-aided systems that perform data, information, and knowledge processing tasks and are used for communication.

These systems have become an indispensable standard, especially in larger companies, whereby their successful use depends very much on how efficiently the components on the technical side are linked to the business processes and requirements. 

In general, management information systems (MIS) are used in the following: 

  • Data acquisition, storage, processing, administration, and maintenance
  • Illustration of the exchange processes within the company and with the environment
  • Business process monitoring and optimization
  • Weak point analysis
  • Data comparison and evaluation
  • Communication

MIS analysts, on the other hand, are individuals who work within the information systems environment for a company

The role primarily involves providing support to the management through administrative support in storage, custody, and control of relevant information, data, or documentation. This is done in accordance with the policies, norms, and procedures established by the Institution. 

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The MIS Analyst deals mainly with information and data. They take information, visualize it, and systematically evaluate it in order to generate business-relevant knowledge

They are also responsible for the technical aspects of data evaluation. For example, they define the requirements for MIS solutions, design or even develop their own applications, if necessary.

Besides, they ensure that the software solutions used actually help deliver the desired insights

MIS Analyst - Responsibilities and Tasks
List of responsibilities and tasks of an MIS Analyst

In order to perform their duties accurately, they need to perform a comprehensive analysis of the data of the task at hand in order to identify opportunities and risks for the company at an early stage. Technical and economic aspects are equally taken into account in this activity. 

For the further development of MIS solutions, MIS analysts compare existing systems with new and ongoing requirements. They also act as an interface between the data warehouse department and external consultants.

Since MIS analysts are responsible for maintaining a company’s MIS solutions, they also proactively monitor market developments and maintain contact with MIS software houses. 

Furthermore, they create prototypes for reports and ad-hoc inquiries so that ongoing processes can be managed in a standardized manner. Overall, MIS analysts are responsible for ensuring that all management-relevant information of a company is evaluated in the best possible way and used in a success-oriented manner.

MIS Analyst responsibilities:

  • Design, development, and management of MIS infrastructure
  • Analyzing and processing large scale information
  • Generating business knowledge reports
  • Managing technical aspects of data evaluation
  • Defining MIS requirements and needs
  • Identification of risks and opportunities and strengthening IT Data Security Infrastructure
  • Evaluating and Improve Information Processes as needed
  • Performing routine Data Checks

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Skills required as MIS Analyst

MIS analysts are great at problem-solving and have a talent for being technically savvy. They are able to take on large data sets with minimal problems. In general, they are skilled in information systems – they know how to organize, store, and analyze data. 

They must be knowledgeable regarding business process improvement as this is crucial to their role as an MIS Analyst. Since they work closely with a company’s stakeholders, they must also have strong communication skills. 

In order to convey important technical data, good technical writing skills are also important.

MIS Analyst - Skills Required
MIS Analyst skills needed to perform the role

Skills required for an MIS Analyst:

  • Data analytics and Data modeling
  • Programming skills (Java, Javascript, SQL, Python, etc.)
  • Knowledge of information systems 
  • Business process improvement
  • Advanced Excel and database management
  • Experience with data analysis and business automation tools
  • Ability to work with Alooma, Apache, and Oracle Data Integrator
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Technical writing skills

Background & Education

MIS Analysts generally have a degree in computer science, an economics subject or business informatics. There is a wide range of data science courses available as well (e.g. MIS training – Advanced Excel + Macro + Access + SQL)

Candidates from academic backgrounds in Mathematics and Physics can also turn towards MIS as a career. Senior roles may sometimes require an MBA in Information systems as well. 

There are also 3 main certifications that can enhance the resume of an MIS Analyst: 

MIS Analyst Salary & Freelance Rates

On average, MIS analysts earn around $66,000 gross per year. Junior level roles or new graduates can expect to earn about $42,000 per year. With considerable experience and/or in senior roles analysts may earn up to $86,000 annually

How much does an MIS analyst earn?


What does a freelance MIS Analyst charge?

Average rate MIS Analysts (2022) $86/hr

The average hourly rate amongst freelance MIS Analysts is $86/hr.

Freelance rates in MIS range between $27 and $121 for the majority of freelancers.

If we consider an 8-hour working day at $86/hour, the daily rate for freelance MIS Analysts is around $688/day.

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