What does a UAT Tester do?


UAT Testers serve as the final round of testing a new product – be it software, an app, a website, or a device. They ensure the product is ready for final users by developing test plans and conducting thorough testing. Let’s take a closer look at the role: 

What is User Acceptance Testing?

UAT or user acceptance tests are tests that check whether a software solution works for the user. UATs are often a final step in the development of a project and are essential when it comes to customer satisfaction.

It can be described as the last phase in the software test. During the user acceptance test, users check the software to ensure that it can withstand real-life scenarios.

UAT is one of the final and critical software processes that must take place before newly developed software is launched.

User acceptance testing is also known by names like beta testing, application, or end-user testing. 

Role overview of a UAT tester with tasks, background, skills and salary
Role Overview – UAT Tester

Responsibilities of a UAT Tester

A UAT Tester comes into play when the final app, program, or website is to be released to the public. They serve essentially as beta testers that try out all functions at least once and run through all possible eventualities when using them.

The UAT tester plans and conceptualizes the necessary tests to be carried out. They organize test runs to ensure the user-friendly rating of the product. They execute test plans, scenarios, scripts or procedures, and test system modifications to prepare for implementation. 

List of responsibilities and tasks of a UAT tester
UAT Tester – Responsibilities and tasks

They may also develop testing programs that address database impacts, software scenarios, or usability. And finally, they document and report software defects when they arise.

In essence, UAT Testers put a product through its paces and thus help the developer to find bugs that may not be apparent to the developer. 

This is done by developing a UAT Testing strategy and testing plan. An optimized strategy can improve the outcome of current and future tests. 

Ideally, a UAT strategy should consider the following: 

  • Out-of-scope situations worth testing
  • Expectations for the test
  • General agreements about the standards for passing
  • How to carry out the test
  • Owners and participants
  • Scope of work
  • Venue or platform used

What are the day to day tasks of a UAT Tester? 

  • Planning and controlling the tests (effort, deadlines, costs / budget)
  • Creation of test profile and test concept
  • Coordinate test case creation, test execution and test resources
  • Setting up and carrying out deviation management in test projects, including documentation of the interim and final results
  • Creation of the test-specific status reports and final reports
  • Creation of the risk table and responsibility for test-specific risk management
  • Achieving the overall technical and functional acceptance and overall approval
  • Documenting the test execution and communicating with the developers regarding the deviations
  • Participation in the creation of professional and / or technical test cases
  • Document the test results and deviations

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What skills does a UAT Tester need?

For this job, a tester needs a very good knowledge of IT and technical skills apart from a strong knowledge of best practices as a tester. UAT Testers must be able to create methods for testing, so analytical thinking is important.

Knowledge of the software development life cycle (SDLC) is also essential. 

Skills required as UAT Tester
UAT Tester – Skills Required

Testing software down to the last nook and cranny can be a challenge in terms of time and put you to a test of patience. So even under pressure, you have to keep calm and stay relaxed even with repeated testing. 

UAT tester skills required: 

  • Ability to write test documentation such as test plans, scripts + reports
  • Strong technical skills and abilities including databases and SQL
  • Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) 
  • Skilled at testing process and methodologies
  • Good problem solving and analytical skills
  • Ability to create UAT test plans, cases and scripts
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Strong multi-tasking abilities and time management skills


There is currently no specific career path to be recognized as a tester. That being said, a degree in computer science, engineering or IT is a good starting point into the field. 

However, a traditional degree in computer science alone does not provide the necessary prerequisites to be able to work really successfully as a UAT tester, because quality assurance is often neglected in studies and training.

So it can certainly help to acquire these additional skills before you start full-time – either via an internship or in a part-time job role. 

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As always, the salary of an IT professional depends on numerous factors such as location, industry, as well as on professional experience, and the size of the company.

On average, the annual pay for a UAT Tester in the US is $96,964 a year. The salary for newbie testers is $59,670 and $102,375 for senior testers with years of experience and skill. 

How much does a UAT Tester earn?


What is the average freelance rate of a UAT Tester?

Freelance UAT Tester hourly rate
Average hourly rate amongst freelance UAT Testers (freelancermap rate index as of Oct 2020)

The freelancermap rate index in October 2020 shows an average hourly rate of $77. Considering an 8-hour working day, freelance testers make about $616 a day.

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