What does a Digital Marketing consultant do?


Digital Marketing consultants help to bridge the gap between businesses and the online digital world, helping them to market their products, services, and brand in the right way. Read on to learn more about the role!

What is Digital Marketing and what does a digital marketer do?

Digital Marketing Consultant

In today’s digital age, rapid changes and evolution in modern technology have seen a shift in how businesses now operate. Traditional brick and mortar stores are quick to incorporate a strong online presence into their business models – with some brands simply transitioning into purely online businesses.

In layman terms, digital marketing is the process of attracting your target audience using relevant online technology and tools. These tools include but are not limited to Web Design and Development, SEO or Search Engine Optimization, Ad buying, and Social Media.

With a growing number of brands looking to strengthen their online digital presence, there is now a rising demand for digital marketing experts or consultants. These marketers are highly skilled and have expert knowledge of a variety of digital marketing methods.

Responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing Consultant Responsibilities

The role of a digital marketing expert varies and if often a diverse role. They take on a range of challenges involved in growing a business presence online.

Depending on what they were hired to do, they may analyze the current online presence, devise effective marketing strategies, and research appropriate tools to deploy marketing solutions.

Their main responsibility is to ensure maximum utilization of all applicable tools and strategies – and allowing a brand or business to best reach their customers in the most direct (and cost-effective) manner possible.

What are the responsibilities of a digital marketing consultant?

  • Discovering new opportunities and platforms by which the business may engage with existing customers and attract new ones.
  • Performing analysis of the existing brand market on various social media platforms
  • Evaluating current methods in place for digital marketing via SEO, community management, email marketing, ad campaigns, etc.
  • Strategizing and creating effective marketing methods for a brand.
  • Managing digital marketing campaigns by means of email, social media, and mobile marketing.
  • Improving branding in order to reach more prospective customers.
  • Improving brand engagement and communication
  • Coordinating the different social media platforms for content
  • Starting email marketing campaigns and/or onboarding emails
  • Prioritizing brand website SEO
  • Monitoring and reporting of campaign analytics

Looking for a Digital Marketing Consultant?

What Skills do Digital Marketing Consultants need?

Digital Marketing Consultant Skills

As with every role, in order to be successful, certain skills are required for a digital marketing consultant to achieve success. Understanding how the internet works is crucial to the digital marketing initiative. They must know how to use digital platforms as a successful tool for marketing.

Knowledge of popular social media platforms and how they work – both individually and collectively – is an important skill for a digital marketer.

It is also essential for a digital marketing expert to be able to analyze data from compiled reports and determine the progress of lack thereof regarding a brand’s marketing schedule.

Therefore, a mix of technical and creative problem-solving skills are required (multitasking is also a great ability to possess!).

Important skills for a Digital Marketing Consultant:

  • Knowledge of emerging social media tools and strategies
  • Ability to identify digital marketing trends
  • Familiar with various social media platform requirements and guidelines
  • Online marketing
  • Advertising skills (offline PR)
  • Strong analytical and creative problem-solving skills
  • Accountability and focused on goals
  • Copywriting
  • Inbound and outbound marketing
  • SEO / SEM
  • Strong leadership and team skills
  • Professional mannerisms and ability to deal with conflict
  • Good listening and comprehension skills


Most Digital Marketing consultants come from a traditional marketing background and are people who have successfully caught on with the Digital Marketing trend.

In general, employees look for a Bachelor’s degree. For senior roles, a Master’s degree may be valuable.

A certificate in Digital Marketing can greatly improve your standing with a potential employer as well as provide in-depth knowledge of the Digital Marketing Industry.

Some great certifications to consider:

Digital Marketing Consultant Salary

Digital Marketing Consultants start their careers with an annual salary of just over $53,000. Senior consultants can earn up to $107,000. On average, they earn around $77,000 a year.

Individual salaries can vary depending on the size and location of the company. The scope of responsibilities, customer type, number of platforms, etc. all plays a role in salary determination.

How much do Digital Marketing consultants make?

Junior $53,000
Average $77,000
Senior $107,000

How much do Freelance Digital Marketing Consultants charge?

Average rate Digital Marketing Consultants (2022) $61/hr

The average hourly rate amongst freelance Digital Marketing Consultants is $61/hr.

Freelance rates in Digital Marketing range between $25 and $87 for the majority of freelancers.

If we consider an 8-hour working day at $61/hour, the daily rate for freelance Digital Marketing Consultants is around $488/day.

Freelance as a Digital Marketing Consultant – Is it a good niche to freelance?

If you stumbled across this article in your quest to freelance as a Digital Marketing consultant, you’re in luck! Considering that the bulk of all work occurs online, Digital Marketing is a remote-friendly niche that can be done by anyone from anywhere.

With more and more clients looking to take their business digital, you’ll find a variety of clients to work with worldwide. You can learn a lot by testing out strategies, seeking knowledge on the various digital platforms, and by talking to experts available to you in online communities.

As a freelancer Digital Marketer, you may also choose to specialize in one of the following marketing niches: copywriting, SEO, email marketing, web design, Social Media Management, or Facebook Ads.

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