5 Tips for Delivering a Graphic Design That Your Client Loves


When you create a graphic design for your client, you aren’t just designing a poster or brochure – you are a key to the client’s success. The client hired you because they trust that you have the skills necessary to create something that will capture the attention of the client’s intended audience. Here is how to deliver a graphic design that your client will love.


Don’t Just Show It, Present It

Remember, you are selling your work to your client each and every time you design something for them. When you present a preview or mock-up image, take the time to outline the choices you made in your concept. It is also always worth the effort to superimpose the work into a photo (e.g. a preview of a brochure design in a person’s hand; a preview of a poster in a shop window). These simple steps can greatly increase the client’s ability to really see what the final product will look like and will gain you much more respect.


Design for The Client, Not Yourself

This might seem obvious, but countless novices disregard the client’s wants and needs and design what they think would be best for the client. Your priority is to create something for your client, not yourself or your own portfolio. If your client needs something simple, yet effective, don’t go crazy with the cool effects and the “look what I can do!” stuff. Do that on your own time.


Listen to Your Client

It’s okay to ask a lot of questions so you know exactly what the client’s needs and goals are – if this isn’t made clear from the get-go, then you’re in for trouble. Your client may already have a vision of what he or she wants and even if you feel that an element just won’t work out in the design, take the time to make the design to the client’s specifications and then explain why it won’t work by creating an alternative.


Stick with What Works

Once you establish a style that works, your client and your client’s customers will learn to expect it – deviate even slightly and your client will think there is something wrong with you. Your design work has now become their brand identity. Changing up fonts and colors will just confuse people.


Be Genuinely Interested in Your Client’s Success

If you really don’t care about your clients, then you will not be successful in this business. When your ad design, flyer, box cover, etc. is public, find out how it’s being received – is it getting a positive response from consumers? Check it out for yourself and follow up with your client by asking them how they feel it is performing. Promote the client on your own social media and web site, thanking them for allowing you to work with them. If your work hasn’t been a success, you will need to discuss with the client what may have gone wrong and it is up to you to solve the problem.

These tips will help you to produce work that really makes an impression and develop great lasting bonds with your clients. Don’t lose sight of what it truly means to be a graphic designer and you will succeed.


Brooke Scovil

Brooke is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer with a BFA in Illustration. She has worked with nationally recognized award-winning clients on a plethora of different design projects and has even worked on documentary films as a production and post-production assistant.

By Brooke Scovil

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