What Does An HP Service Manager Do?


An HP service manager is in charge of analysing and upgrading the software and tech solutions. These professionals usually work with minimal supervision and are found in companies that make use of the HP Service Manager application to handle change and incident management. 

What is HP Service Manager?

HP Service Manager is a help-desk management software that essentially helps companies and businesses handle change, knowledge and incident management, Big Data Intelligence, and more.

Role Overview: HP Service Manager
Role Overview: HP Service Manager

This cloud-based solution uses codeless configuration to manage and customise upgrades and also provides users with access to general Service Desk functions such as:

  • Knowledge search
  • Ticket management
  • Collaboration
  • Address management, etc.


An HP Service Manager is primarily responsible for dealing with the activities surrounding the HP Service Manager software. This includes ensuring users and company staff receive the support they need.

These professionals are in charge of making sure that IT processes such as change management, problem management, configuration management, etc. are automated seamlessly and without errors.

Responsibilities of an HP Service Manager
Responsibilities of an HP Service Manager

HP Service Managers set up and maintain software and evaluate its efficiency while also resolving any problems and improving methods to increase productivity.

What are the responsibilities of an HP Service Manager?

  • In charge of maintaining and analysing Service Manager software solution
  • Ensure users and team members receive support
  • Ensure that IT processes are automated without errors
  • Set up and upgrade Service Manager software 
  • Evaluate the platform’s efficiency
  • Resolve any problems that may occur
  • Improve service methods to increase productivity

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An HP Service Manager has extensive knowledge of the HP software solution and is familiar with all of the IT processes that are automed by it.

These managers also possess management experience as well as strong customer service skills. In addition, HP Service Managers have strong computer literacy and are able to monitor operational performance with ease.

Skills of an HP Service Manager
Skills of an HP Service Manager

These managers have hands-on experience of the upgrade of Service Manager from classic to codeless. They also have experience working with Incident, Problem, Configuration, Knowledge modules.

In terms of soft skills, managers have strong analytical thinking, good organisational skills and are able to work well under pressure. 

What are the skills of an HP Service Manager?

  • Extensive Service Manager knowledge
  • Familiarity with all of the IT processes automed by the solution
  • Basic management experience
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Strong computer literacy
  • Ability to monitor operational performance with ease
  • Hands-on experience of the upgrade of Service Manager 
  • Experience working with Incident, Problem, Configuration, Knowledge modules
  • Strong analytical thinking
  • Good organisational skills
  • Ability to work well under pressure

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Background and education

Someone working in this position usually has a Bachelor’s degree in either IT, Business, Administration, or a related field. 

Strong industry knowledge and experience with Service desks is also a plus when it comes to finding good jobs.

Ofcourse, you can always choose to boost your skill set by obtaining certifications online. You can find options for a few of these down below:

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A professional in HP Service Management earns an average of $82,700 per year. However, this number can vary. A manager who’s just starting out can earn approximately $49,000 per year whereas one with years of experience and skills can earn around $141,000 per year.

This is of course subjective to the position, industry, role and skills of the individual in question.

In Germany, the salary range of a Service Manager is €61,000-€111,000 whereas in the UK, the range is £29,000-£72,000.

What do HP Service Managers earn?

US $49,000 – $141,000
Germany€61,000 – €111,000
UK £29,000-£72,000

What do freelancers in this profession earn?

Average Hourly Rate of HP Service Managers $84/hour

Freelance managers charge an average of $84/hour (freelancermap’s price and rate index in November 2022).

Considering an 8-hour working day, the daily rate for managers would be around $672/day.

Freelance rates in Service Management range between $69 and $99 for most freelancers.

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